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Dissertation Writing

Declaration: Why You Need Assistance with Dissertation Writing

Working on a dissertation project is very different from working on a term paper, and it takes more effort and commitment on your part. However, it is a way for you to contribute unique and sometimes original research to your field of study. Dissertation writing is a long, involved and complex process. To make your dissertation writing process more manageable requires breaking the project into discrete stages.

Your dissertation has to be structured in a certain way, and must have specific sections to ensure that the finished product is academically sound. And that’s why you need assistance with dissertation writing. We help you to break down your project into stages, and we work with you to ensure that your dissertation follows accepted standards.

Our team of specialists at Dissertation Consultant have PhDs in all areas of academia, so they have gone through every facet of the dissertation process. In addition, they have been members of graduate committees, and are college and university professors and lecturers. Because of this inside knowledge, they can tutor, advise, consult, coach and mentor you through the dissertation writing process.

We offer dissertation writing assistance for your literature review to ensure that you connect the appropriate research to your dissertation topic and research question. And we also ensure that you cover multiple perspectives so your research is more complete and rounded. In addition, after you have done all the hard work and assembled all you need to actually start writing your dissertation, we are here to guide you through the writing process. We coach and mentor you in writing your dissertation so that it adheres to the formatting and writing guidelines for your educational institution.

We will also provide you with a few samples of well-constructed dissertations to demonstrate what a well-written dissertation looks like, for you to use as reference documents. Our role here at Dissertation Consultant is NOT to do the work for you, but instead work very closely with you as you go through the dissertation writing process to help you showcase your abilities and potential the best way possible.

Declaration: Who We Are Not

Dissertation Consultant is a bona fide company, operating with integrity, so we would like to caution you to be aware of websites that offer to do all of the work for you, writing your dissertations and theses, touting original and plagiarism free papers. Having someone who writes your dissertation or thesis for you is a legitimate reason for dismissal from your degree granting institution if your advisor, members of your graduate committee or university/college finds out.

Now that we have gotten all that unpleasantness out of the way, we can now focus on assisting you with your dissertation writing. Give us a call today and get your dissertation process started!

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