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Dissertation Editing

You have completed your dissertation, now what? The dissertation writing process is not quite complete as yet. Now you need an academic proof-reader and editor. Proofreading and editing is a phase of the writing process that encompasses finding and correcting mistakes in spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, format and grammar of written content.

Why You Need an Academic Proofreading & Editing Specialist

Proofreading and editing your dissertation is a skilled and time-consuming activity that should be performed by a trained academic specialist. Your grade can be lowered if your dissertation does not conform to academic standards for content and format. And it is also unprofessional to present a dissertation that is riddled with grammatical errors and improper punctuation.

You need an academic proofreading and editing specialist to polish your dissertation. Using the spell checker on your word processor is not enough since it will only eliminate spelling mistakes and some grammatical errors. Writing software is a step above the spell checker, but will still miss many errors that only the eyes of a trained specialist would spot.

Universities either create their own writing style guide, or they follow formats such as Chicago, MLA, APA,Oxford, Harvard and so on. Our proofreading and editing specialists make sure that your dissertation conforms to the formatting standards accepted by your educational institution.

To ensure that there are no errors in the final draft of your dissertation, our editing specialists will perform thesis editing, thesis formatting, and thesis proofreading, detecting and correcting 100% of these errors and issues. Specifically, our proofreading and editing specialists:

  • Check for spelling mistakes and incorrect word usage that were not detected by writing software and spellcheckers.
  • Evaluate your content to ensure that you have fully developed ideas and strong arguments.
  • Eliminate incorrect or misplaced punctuation marks and correct typographical errors.
  • Ensure that titles, headings and subheadings follow consistent formatting.
  • Format your dissertation in whatever style your institution needs: APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, Harvard,Oxfordand others. Double check your references to guarantee that they conform to the citation style that your educational institution demands.
  • Make sure that the discussion flow is smooth, tenses are consistent, correct subject-verb agreement and consistent parallel structure.
  • Make sure that paragraphs properly transition from one to the next, and are the proper length.
  • Eliminate run-on sentences, comma splices, fragmented sentences and so on.
  • Eliminate vague and unnecessary words, shorten long sentences, and ensure that your dissertation is written in the active voice.
  • Ensure proper diction and tone.
  • Ensure proper documentation and formatting: quotation, citation, endnotes, and footnotes.
  • We run you dissertation through software to ensure that there is no accidental plagiarism.

You need dissertation editing if you want your dissertation to be clear, accurate and concise, containing no errors in your final draft. After our specialists have proofread and edited your dissertation, we guarantee that our proofreading and editing service will get your thesis approved.


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